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Tongariro Spring Clean

Every year we have a light-hearted contest in October based at TALTAC, (Tongariro and Lake Taupo Anglers Club), in Turangi. This year along with prizes for the best fish caught indicator nymphing, Euro nymphing and streamer fishing there was a prize for the angler who brought back the biggest bag of tippet and other rubbish found on the river bank over the course of the contest. On the morning of Saturday the 12th, ten intrepid anglers set off with the usual excess of gear, some carrying 2 rods,...

October 28, 2019


Craig Fredericks has been organising this trip for some years now. Like all our trips there is always a contest of some sort involved, never too serious. Craig’s has a reputation for having somewhat obscure rules and a scoring system that makes cricket’s Duckworth Lewis system look like year 1 arithmetic. This year was fairly simple, you had to fish 2 rivers in the Tongariro system, 1 before and 1 after lunch, and anglers were to fish in pairs; 1 seeded angler and 1 unseeded – the reasons ...

September 22, 2019


Is it essential to tie flies to be a successful fly fisher? No. Will it enhance your fly-fishing experience to catch fish on flies you have tied yourself? Absolutely. Within our club we have a pool of competent and creative fly tiers. They have developed a library of patterns over many years of combined fishing experience that work on local streams and still waters, streams and rivers of the Central North Island. These patterns continue to be refined and new patterns such as Euro nymphs and trou...

September 22, 2019


The weekend of the 17th/18th of August saw 12 club members descend on the TALTAC, (Tongariro and Lake Taupo Anglers Club), Lodge conveniently situated on the banks of the Tongariro River. We were there to contest for the annual Winter Trophy awarded for the biggest rainbow trout caught on the Saturday of the contest. We are a reasonably serious bunch of anglers but at the same time take every opportunity to take the proverbial out of each other; there was ample material on this weekend. One memb...

September 22, 2019

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