Turangi Bridge Motel Food

Craig Fredericks has been organising this trip for some years now. Like all our trips there is always a contest of some sort involved, never too serious. Craig’s has a reputation for having somewhat obscure rules and a scoring system that makes cricket’s Duckworth Lewis system look like year 1 arithmetic. This year was fairly simple, you had to fish 2 rivers in the Tongariro system, 1 before and 1 after lunch, and anglers were to fish in pairs; 1 seeded angler and 1 unseeded – the reasons for the seeding relate to the scoring which is quite obscure, unless you’re Craig. After some tactical discussions the teams headed off at various stages the Hinemaia, Tauranga Taupo, Waiotaka and Tongariro to meet with mixed success. Some got onto fish some didn’t. Some were using Euro nymphing tactics, the most successful on the day, one stuck to double handed rods, the second most successful and traditional indicator nymphing was a poor third! As it transpired Terry Goupillot and Charlie Friedlander won with a total of 13 fish and 99 points and Gavin Hall and John Davidson came second with 11 fish and 55 points. A total of 32 fish were landed with Gavin’s 9 being the best individual total. Craig and Charlie both weighed a 4lb fish, the heaviest for the day.  Apparently, the points relate to the seeding and it all makes sense to Craig!  As is our custom we had dinner together and, on this occasion, went to Turangi’s Bridge Motel and Restaurant, which is worth a visit if you’re in the area.

Photo Malcolm Cowie and Gavin Hall enjoying a well earned desert after a hard day on the river.


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