Is it essential to tie flies to be a successful fly fisher? No. Will it enhance your fly-fishing experience to catch fish on flies you have tied yourself? Absolutely. Within our club we have a pool of competent and creative fly tiers. They have developed a library of patterns over many years of combined fishing experience that work on local streams and still waters, streams and rivers of the Central North Island. These patterns continue to be refined and new patterns such as Euro nymphs and trout spey flies are adopted. Fly tiers are like magpies and can’t resist sparkly new crystal flash and synthetic dubbings or exotic hackles. During the social hour prior to meetings one of our experienced tiers or a guest tier will be demonstrating a pattern or patterns and providing instructions. Ever wanted to learn how to tie a Holy Grail or a Perdigon nymph, spin a composite hackle or tie an emerger?  Come along to a meeting and watch a demonstration, meet other tiers and have a chat about the latest materials and patterns. We also have fly tying DVDs for hire to members in the library.


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